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The New Dawn Carp Rod range has been designed to cover just about all conditions, methods and waters both in the UK and on the continent.
The blanks have been exclusively designed and developed in conjunction with one of the countries leading manufacturers and are finished in a dark green. all are fitted with a standard abbreviated Duplon handle with a Fuji FPS reel seat and the Zirconium carbide rings are whipped in a dark green.

Our two lighter rods are designed for the small waters and built on a slim, through actioned blank to maximise fish playing enjoyment. Available in 12ft, 2lb and 2.25 with 8 rings plus tip.

Rod Number 14 12ft 2lb Through Action 185.00
Rod Number 15 12ft 2.25lb Through Action 190.00

To complete the 12ft range we have rods of 2.5lb, 2.75lb and 3lb. These rods are for larger waters where fishing at range may be required. The built in power of these rods also gives extra control when playing large fish whilst retaining a lot of feel. All have 6 rings plus tip, including a 30mm butt ring.

Rod Number 16 12ft 2.5lb 190.00
Rod Number 17 12ft 2.75lb 195.00
Rod Number 18 12ft 3lb 200.00

For those who prefer a 13 foot rod for distance or just personal preference, we have also developed a 3lb rod with 7 rings plus tip, including a 30mm butt ring and a 3.5lb version with 7 rings plus tip, but with a 40mm butt ring. These have a gentle parabolic action with hidden power.

Rod Number 19 13ft 3lb 205.00
Rod Number 20 13ft 3.5lb 215.00

Any of the above rods can also be custom made to your exact requirements. At the moment we are developing an Extreme range rod, please send for further details.

We also custom build Carp rods using proven manufacturers blanks, such as a 12ft 2.75lb Harrison Ballista which is a superb all round Carp rod. For excellent value we have two AK47 twin tip rods.
Firstly a 12ft 6in with 1.75lb and 2.75lb top sections. Secondly also a 12ft 6in with top sections of 2.5lb and 3.5lb. All AK47 blanks are ground smooth and finished in black and rings whipped in blue. They are fitted with abbreviated Duplon handles.

Rod Number 28 12ft 2.75lb Ballista 139.00
Rod Number 29 12ft 6in AK47 1.75 & 2.75 170.00
Rod Number 30 12ft 6in AK47 2.5 & 3.5 180.00

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