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After twelve years of both building rods and running a tackle shop we have now taken the leap forward into full time rod building.
Not only are we custom building the recognised blanks from most of the well known blank manufacturers but also a complete range of rods for just about any coarse fishing application all of which are exclusive to us alone.
These blanks, manufactured by a leading British manufacturer, have all been developed and tested to our own specifications and the results in our opinion are outstanding.
Each blank is finished in a high gloss epoxy which has a subtle tinge of green which glints in the sunlight and each ring is whipped in an emerald green thread before being covered in a deep epoxy whipping finish which is especially imported from America by us. Where our own Zirconium Carbide rings are not used, only genuine Fuji rings and fittings are being used throughout.
We have, through our own fishing abroad, recognised a gap in the market for very specialist rods for such fish as Catfish, Mahseer and Nile Perch. So call us first before making do with a converted sea rod and risking spoiling your expensive holiday after these wonderful powerful fish.

Two crisp action float rods for general fishing are supplemented with our own more powerful float rod for the angler who enjoys catching bigger fish on the float, whether Carp, Tench or Barbel. Be sure to specify which type of reel you are using because we fit a different style of handle and ring the River Trotter differently if you intend using a centre pin reel. Feeder fishing is well covered for just about any situation and weight of feeder or size of river or still water.

For the specimen hunter we have all manner of rods including being the only specialist rod builders to custom build the new Century Barbel rods which in our opinion is a superb all round barbel rod which will take some beating, ask Trefor West if you do not believe us.

Carp rods, what can we tell you about these. We have a through action slim blank for small pools and lakes, through to the more powerful parabolic range which casts very well and still plays fish with feeling, the latter includes the thirteen foot rods for those large Continental waters as well as our own gravel pits where the fish enjoy sitting out at long range.

The Pike angler is well catered for with a fairly strong rod for the deadbait angler which will cast a bait without any fear of breaking unless you have put a four pound Herring on your trebles! A lighter rod covers the livebait angler, both rods as in all of this range will let you feel those smaller fish as well as having backbone for the monsters which we all want to catch.

Add to these the top blanks from Century, Harrison and North Western and you can see that there is not a lot of coarse fishing that we can not cover. If you can not see a rod that is quite right for your purpose then ask us, we may well be able to make one just for you, now isn`t that custom rod building?

For a better explanation of your rod requirements either phone us with your full name and address or drop us a line and we will send you all of the information that you will need to join this new dawn of rod making.

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