About Carp Net ( The Carp and Carpfishing Network )

Carp Net ( The Carp and Carpfishing Network )

Carp Net is first and foremost dedicated to bringing you the best free information on carp and carpfishing. Obviously we need to pay the server bills somehow so we rely on you the visitor to support our advertisers (by clicking on their banners). This website has grown from a site called "The Carp Page" . The original page was attracting up to 2500 visitors a month , which is amazing for such a specialized site. The only trouble was that this was taking up a good chunk of the university server bandwidth ! So a move and an upgrade was in order. Our philosophy is still the same and will remain so. We want to supply the best free information possible.

So who are the people behind Carp Net ?

Carpman with a nice US 20 The "Carpman" Peter Dawson ,currently a Chemistry PhD student at the University of Missouri-Rolla. Peter is 30 years old and has been fishing for 25 of those years. Born in the city of Norwich , Eastern England. Lived in a house very close to the River Wensum in the center of Norwich so his fishing roots are firmly fishing rivers and streams for various species. Loves fishing for carp but certainly has a very down to earth attitude , realizing there are a lot more important things in life than fishing.
Two very important people in the Carpman`s life , Kristin and Ethan. Peter says "Without their Love and support this page would cease to be. I dedicate Carp Net to Kristin and Ethan. Kristin is the true love of my life , being not only my companion but my best friend too."

Kristin is currently a Law student in Missouri while working part-time at a local law practice. Currently advises on all legal and business issues regarding Carp Net. e-mail her by clicking below

Kristin and Ethan
Mark Wright (tour de France ! Mark Wright-great friend and great angler , someone the carpman calls the "Pike King" with good reason . Has somewhat "unusual" concept of time (i.e. always late !) but can still get up at the crack of 11 a.m. and catch a 20 pound pike . Proving what a great angler he is. A very intelligent person currently working for British Telecom in their electronics research and development dept. Mark helps Carp Net by providing various bits of technical information as well as being a great link between the US and the UK. e-mail him by clicking below

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